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Special Features -サ

Int値 Standard Syllabus & Curriculum

All curriculum and syllabi of the Institute of Tourism and Hotel Management are designed in a fashion that matches all over the world for getting employments in the tourism and hotel industry and also for continuing higher studies in the same field transferring/crossing their full credits to foreign countries like New Zealand, UK, Cyprus & USA , etc. Our hybrid syllabi are mapped with the syllabi of various courses of OTHM, UK, City & Guilds, UK, College of Tourism and Hotel Management, Cyprus, AIS St. Helen痴, New Zealand  and almost all private universities of Bangladesh that offer Honors on Tourism & Hospitality Management. The institute is engaged to develop and upgrade its curriculum and syllabi on a continuous basis in order to match the changing trend in the local and global hotel industry. 

Practical Labs -サ         

Bon Appetite (Restaurant Food & Beverage Service Lab) 

The practical restaurant for Food and Beverage Service Lab having 20 cover where students learn how to serve guests food and beverage during different occasions.  

Blue Nights Bar (Bar Counter for Food & Beverage Service Lab) 

The bar will enable the trainees to learn how to serve beverages including liquors, wines and other alcoholic beverages and  non-alcoholic cocktails.  

The Flame (Training Kitchen for Food & Beverage Production Lab) 

All sorts of international cuisines are practiced to prepare by the trainees in the kitchen. This practice will give more confidence to prepare all food and beverage items as per guests requirement.  

Sweet Reverie (Demonstration Hotel Room for Housekeeping Lab) 

Sweet Reverie is the five-star standard hotel room which is used as Housekeeping Lab where students will practice all works related to hotel room, bad making to set up and cleaning.  

Global Span (Computer Lab with PMS & Reservation Software) 

Fully equipped with all internationally available ticketing software including Galileo, Amadeus, SABRE and Abacus. Also the lab serves with the PMS software for reservation.  

Air-conditioned Campus

The campus of Institute of Tourism and Hotel Management is fully Air-conditioned. All the practical labs, all class rooms and all administrative sections are fully air-conditioned in order to create highest level of learning atmosphere for the students. 

Reservation Software 

The Institute purchased and successfully installed airlines reservation and ticketing software available in the world like Galileo, Amadeus, SABRE and Abacus. Also we have dedicated specially made Property Management Systems (PMS) software which is especially used for the reservation and stock taking in hotels. The students get the sufficient practical training and they achieve the capability to make any kind of reservations either in airlines ticketing or hotel rooms. 

Resource Centre Facilities  

The resource centre is open for students and faculties in all working days from 09:00-18:00 hours. The Resource centre has an extensive range of course books, reference books, and background reading materials for all relevant subjects of study in the Institute. Upon preparing a Resource Centre Card the students become entitled for hiring reference books, journals and magazines etc.

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