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The policy of the institute is to offer Scholarships to the meritorious students who have real financial needs. The Scholarships is usually offered on the previous academic background of the student at the time of admission on the Regular Tuition Fees of the institute. But no Scholarships is given on the Special Offered Tuition Fees because the cumulative proportion of the highest level scholarships on the regular tuition fees stands at higher than the special offer.  

But the Achieving Curricular Excellence Scholarships is given to the students who perform extraordinary after their 1st semester at the institute and consist of tuition fees reduction for the following semester. This scholarship is offered both on Regular and Special Offered Tuition Fees. For availing this students must not have an F (Fail) grade in any subjects. The percentage of fees reduction is decided on the function of their academic performance as follows  

Cumulative percentage grade average                Feed reduction

96% - 100%                                                                100%

92% - 95.99%                                                             50%

89% - 91.99%                                                             20%

85% - 88.99%                                                             10% 

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