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Rules of Payment of Fees 


i. Students and Parents or Guardians are highly encouraged to pay all fees in cash or cash/crossed cheque directly to the Accounts Office of the institute. It is advised that without official money receipt of the institute no fees should be deposited. Money Receipts could be checked at any time during the classes and students will be obliged to show it upon request. 

ii. All the due fees should be paid within the given time of the ongoing semester. If the last date of payment falls on a scheduled holiday such as a weekly or Public Holiday then the fee should be paid before that date not after holiday. 

iii. Students who want to continue the 2nd & 3rd year of their study they have to pay the fees for the year respectively. In case of any inability to pay the fees prior to the final examination, they will not be allowed to participate in the examination. Furthermore, the industrial attachment (if any) will not be assisted by the management of the institute.

iv. At the time of admission students have to pay admission and tuition fee in full of the program along with the security deposit. Only where instalments are allowed students need to pay the admissions and 1st instalment of the tuition fees along with security deposits for using the lab. 

v. If course requires one laboratory to use students have to pay Taka 2,000/= and in case of all labs to be used then students have to pay Taka 5,000/= as security deposit. 

vi. Students can use the resource centre of the institute only after the procurement of the Library Card by paying Tk. 500/- for the same. For the Library Card students have to provide 2 PP size photograph along with the prescribed Form of the resource centre. In case of loss or damage of the library card students have to pay Tk. 200/- for the reissuing fee. 

In case of any loss or damage of the book the penalty will be charged 3 times of the published value of the book. 

vii. Prime Bank Ltd., Dutch Bangla Bank Ltd., Standard Bank Ltd. and Bangladesh Commerce Bank Ltd. are authorized to collect fees of the students on behalf of the institution. All Branches in Bangladesh of these banks receive all kinds of fees for the institute. Students or Parents or Guardians are requested to receive filled up deposited slip from the institute at the time of admission. As soon as any student's payment is realized in the institute's bank accounts an official money receipt is issued quickly and inform the students to collect. 

viii. If payments are made by crossed cheque then the fee must be paid before the 3 working days of the last date of payment as the Banks normally post this cheque to collect money which takes usually 3 working days. 

ix. The fine for late payment is as follows - 

a. If the student receives the 1st Reminder after the  last date of payment mentioned in the usual "Fees Collection Notice" whether it is at the end or middle of ongoing semester the fine will be Taka 250/=. The usual "Fees Collection Notice" is issued 15 days prior to the payment date coincide with the 1st and 2nd reminder reserved times in hand. Usually Fees Collection Notice, 1st Reminder and 2nd Reminder are completed within the first 4 months of semester calculating the class starting date of the semester. Restriction is imposed on the students for availing all kinds of educational and training services of the institute who receive any Reminder for non-payment of Tuition Fees on time.   

b. If the student receives the 2nd Reminder after the last day of payment date mentioned in the 1st Reminder the fine is Taka 500/=. 2nd Reminder is issued after one week of issuing the 1st Reminder. 

c. If the student fails to pay the dues within the last date mentioned in the 2nd Reminder then the name stuck-off notice will be issued. The fine after receiving name stuck-off notice will be Taka 1000/=. Name Stuck-off Notice is usually issued after one week of issuing the 2nd Reminder. 

d. If any student fails to pay the dues before the last date mentioned in the name stuck-off notice then the student's enrolment will be cancelled and the lab security deposit will be forfeited. Re-admission entirely depends on the availability of the seats and payment in full of the re-admission fees, semester charges and fresh security deposit. Usually re-admission fee of Taka 10,000/- is charged along with tuition fees of the semester of the respective program and security deposit. 

e. Please note that the fees are collected with proper notices so that the rules for late or non payment are enforced very strictly. 

f. No Testimonial, Transcript and Certificate are issued unless the student has cleared all outstanding dues.  

g. Students have to pay Taka 1000/- for the Final Certificate, Taka 500/- for the Transcript and Taka 250/- for the Testimonial. 

h. A duplicate copy will be issued by the institute in case of any loss or damage of the original document of any of the above. In that case Taka 1000/- will be charged to the student for Certificate or Transcript or Testimonial. 

i. If students fail to sit for the scheduled examinations (e.g. Class Test, Assignment, and Semester Final Exam.) of the respective semester can attend the retake examination provided that they have to pay the following fees for arranging those examinations:

1. Semester Final          -----     Taka 1,000 per subject (if applied within next semester)

2. Mid Term                 -----     Taka 500 per subject

3. Class Test                -----     Taka 250 per subject

4. Assignment               -----     Taka 250 per subject 

j. Students and Parents or Guardians are requested to contact Accounts Office of the institute regarding any of these matters or any unusual circumstances. 

k. Fee deposit slips for depositing fees in Banks are given free of cost at the time of admission but if it is lost or damaged then lost fee deposit slips will be replaced at a cost of Taka 20/=.

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