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The greatest emphasis is put upon general discipline and students are requested to learn all the institute's rules that are strictly observed. The institute reserves the right to take such action in the case of infringement of institute rules as may be judged necessary at the absolute discretion of the institute authorities. This may include suspension, withdrawal or expulsion of any student from the institute at any time during the semester of the year. If any student faces any unusual or awkward situation and wants to make a complain he/she is highly encouraged to submit a written document in a sealed envelop addressing to the Chairman at the front office of the institute. Usually the students complain is taken care with highest confidentiality by the Chairman and handled the grievance with proper witness, proofs and documents as per the policy and procedures. In case of any student wants to meet the Chairman with the complaint then he/ she has to take a prior appointment through the front office of the institute. 

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