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Grading & Assessment 
Grading & Assessment

Grading & Assessment

The institute follows an international, especially that of North American grading system for assessing the trainees. The records of academic achievement are maintained in the form of credits and percentage grade as follows:
 Marks obtained             Letter grade           Grade meaning                       Grade points 
90 +                                          A                     Excellent                                       4.0
85-89                                       B+                   Very good                                     3.5
80-84                                       B                     Good                                             3.0
75-79                                       C+                   Above average                            2.5
70-74                                       C                     Average                                        2.0
65-69                                       D+                   Below Average                           1.5
60-64                                       D                     Poor                                              1.0
Below 60                                 F                      Fail                                                   0
Trainees must achieve overall 2.5 grade points to qualify for graduating from our Institute.  
The assessment of the student is a continuous process throughout their studies of the programme. That includes, regular class assessment tests, course works, assignments, semester final written test and viva voce, and, practical. During the practical examinations external examiners judge the performance of the students.

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