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Academic Rules & Regulations

All students are expected to behave as civilized people, both within and outside the institute premises. For any conduct that damage the reputation of, or dishonour the institute, the disciplinary committee may take actions and impose penalty including expulsion from the institute. 

The institute will be a completely smoking free zone as per government declaration for all educational institutes.  The responsibility remains with students that they will never bring any cigarettes and any legal or illegal alcoholic drinks and drugs of any sort at the institute premises.  Any violation of this need to be dealt by individual student and actions will be taken as per the law of the country. 

Students must follow high standard of ethics of academic life. They need to show their performance without any improper or unauthorized help. Disciplinary actions will be taken against the students in cases of proven dishonesty, plagiarism, cheating and any inappropriate behaviour. 

If any student fails to attend in 1st or 2nd or 3rd or all class tests he/she has to submit an application to the respective course teacher stating the reasons of the failure and for arranging the re-take exam. In any case he has to submit relevant documents along with the application i.e. Medical Certificate. The same he has to do in case of failure to complete each assignment and presentation on time. 

In case of failure to sit for the Mid-term Examination an application for the re-take to be submitted to the Principal through the course teacher along with the payment receipt of the retake fees, and this must be completed within the next semester, otherwise he has to re-register for the said course(s).  

If any class tests and or Mid-term examination remains incomplete no students are allowed to sit for the semester final examination of any courses. In that case he/she has to meet the Principal making a prior appointment through the Front Desk Officer for further steps. For participating in the semester Final application for re-take examination has to be submitted within the next semester with the respective faculty's approval and the fees for retake exam.

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